A Little Bit About Us...

The farm is in the possession of the Conradie family since 1840. On Saaiplaas we farm with Merino sheep, Angus cattle, lucerne, vegetable seeds and bees.

You can hike, or ride with mountain bikes or drive a 4x2 vehicle along ±50 km of veldt tracks.
Game to be found is deer, springbok, duiker, grey rhebok and steenbok. Honey and firewood are for sale.

Attractions on the farm

The old farm school with its blackboard, where previous generations of the area went to school, can be viewed. There is still a slate on which they wrote with a slate pencil. On the farm are kilometres of stone walls that were packed to keep livestock out of the fields before wire fences existed. Further attractions include an old bellows, bucket pump, horse cart and consumer articles from previous generations. Here is also a eucalyptus and poplar forest of ±2 ha as well as a huge pear tree of which the trunk has a circumference of 5,8 m which can be viewed. Tranquillity, beautiful sunsets (especially during fall and spring) and bright stars are unique to the Karoo.


Saaiplaas is situated in the Little Roggeveld a plateau in the Karoo, 60 km long and 20 km wide which gets winter rains as in the Boland.

December, January and February are not as hot as the Boland and the rest of the Karoo. March, April and May have a very temperate climate with beautiful sunsets. During June, July and August the Little Roggeveld is very cold with frost and snow an everyday occurrence. September, October and November are picturesque and a large variety of wildflowers can be seen.

Attractions in the area

Matjiesfontein (±40km)

Here is the largest privately owned museum in South Africa worth visiting.

Laingsburg (±60km)

Thirty years ago (on 25 Jan 1981) the town was hit by a flood disaster during which most lives in a natural disaster in South Africa were claimed and the flood museum shows images from this event.

Sutherland (±70km)

The largest observatory in the southern hemisphere is situated near Sutherland and receives night and day visits.